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Welcome to 2023-24!

    Workshops and presentations will take place online and in person this year
  • Time: 2:00pm - 4pm or as needed.
  • Place: online(Zoom)
  • Please note: Non-Guild members are welcome to join in person or the online workshop.

Interested parties can email and request address or the Zoom link for this event.

Recent News:

Poetry Readings:

On September 21, 2023, we gathered at the Majorie Mews Library for poetry readings. The readings were quite wonderful. Such a variety of subjects and so well presented. Bravo, everyone! Well done. And thank you as well to the members who came out for the readings - we appreciate your support. It was also wonderful to have Kathy Porter, Helen's daughter join us and do a lovely reading of Helen's poem, "Sunday Best". Once again, we enjoyed Brad Jefford's fine (and poetic) instrumental guitar music. Also, the Marjorie Mews library staff, Kelley Swayzie and Lindsay Mackey, were just great in their support of our event A large thank you to all.

Christmas Writing Contest 2022:

Thank you to all members who entered the 2022 Christmas writing contest, as well as the judges for setting the categories and guidelines, and selecting the winning entries. Poetry judges Michael Boyle and Catherine Daley selected two entries, "Away" by Lillian Bouzane, and "Away/Away for the Holiday" by Geraldine Flannigan, as a tie for first place. Prose judges Diana Gustafson and Sheilah Roberts Lukin selected the entry, "Dear Santa" by Gail Aylward, for first place.

Here is the first in the series of readings from the Newfoundland Writers' Guild.  Virtual Readings #1

  • Introduction by Kelley Power
  • Cathy Daley
  • Lisa McCreary
  • Ellen Reid
  • Lynn Sorensen
  • Jo Shawyer
  • Susan Sinnott
  • Lynn DeTurk
  • Bernice Morgan
  • Brad Jefford #1

  • The second in the series of readings from the Newfoundland Writers' Guild is available here:  Virtual Readings #2

  • Introduction by Kelley Power
  • Kelley Power
  • Jennifer Morgan
  • Karin Murray- Bergquist
  • Elizabeth Tobin Hastings
  • Roberta Buchanan
  • Diana Gustafson
  • Laura Morry Williams
  • Lillian Bouzane
  • Brad Jefford

  • The third in the series of readings from the Newfoundland Writers' Guild is available here:  Virtual Readings #3

  • Introduction by Kelley Power
  • Sheilah Roberts Lukins
  • Jo Shawyer
  • Joan MacIntosh
  • Bobbie Brennan
  • Michael Boyle
  • Alison Melvin
  • Ilse Hughes
  • Mike Martin
  • Brad Jefford

  • The fourth in the series of readings from the Newfoundland Writers' guild is available here:  Virtual Readings #4

    Please note: We apologize for the sound quality in this live recording and Lilly Bursey, not Sheilah Roberts Lukins, follows Don McKay's reading.

    July 2021 Celebration of Helen Fogwill Porter and Guild Lifetime Members.
  • Introduction\ MC –Kelley Power
  • Don McKay
  • Lilly Bursey ( 2018 video)
  • On The Bus- Ruth Lawrence and Monica Walsh
  • Jim Payne ( video with Helen)
  • Georgina Queller
  • Hilda Chaulk Murray
  • Jo Shawyer ( Melba Rabinowitz)
  • Brad Jefford

  • VE Project4_REVISED_Oct21st.mp4

    Celebrating Helen Fogwill Porter and Newfoundland Writers’ Guild Life Members

    Pictures of the event are available from this link Celebrating Helen Fogwill Porter and Newfoundland Writers Guild Life Members. The program for the event is available here: Program.

    Guild 2021 Winter writing contest
    The winners for this year’s contest are listed below.

    Poetry Category

    First Place: Michael Boyle

    Second Place: Catherine Daley

    Third Place: Ellen Reid

    Prose Category

    First Place – Diana Gustafson

    Second Place: Sheila Roberts Lukins

    Thanks to judges Ellen Reid and Sheilah Roberts Lukins for donating their time over the busy holiday season to read and select the winners.

    Thanks also to Breakwater Books, Flanker Press and Memorial University Press, who generously donated a selection of books published this year which, along with two copies of Lynn de Turk’s excellent books of Newfoundland poetry, will be distributed as prizes to the winners.

    Congratulations to all participants for their excellent submissions!


    Jo Shawyer and C. A. Sharpe published a new book in 2021

    Corner Windows and Cul-de-Sacs

    Lillian Bouzane was interviewed on CBC's On the Go regarding her new on-line poetry collection Surprised by Joy: Poems in the time of Covid.

    Esther Slaney Brown and Roberta Buchanan were recently interviewed by archaeologist and explorer, Latonia Hartery, for the radio documentary, Deadweight at Best: The Frozen Voices of Women Explorers, Part 1 and 2. The program is available as a CBC Radio podcast on Atlantic Voice.

    During a reception at Government House on October 16, 2018 to celebrate the Newfoundland Writers Guild’s 50th Anniversary, Lt.-Gov. Judy Foote congratulated members on their writing accomplishments. The full article published in the Newfoundland Herald -

    Bernice Morgan was inducted into the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council Hall of Honour on December 1, 2020. Her induction can be viewed at:

    Lillian Bouzane has just put her new book on Amazon. It is a Young Adult book of short stories. Two girls grow up on Handy Harbour Island, a small island off the north east coast of Newfoundland. At first glance they seem to be living an ordinary life ... The second part of the book contains stories either told or written by the grandmother of one of the girls, but no less interesting. If you wish to purchase the book for $3.74. go to: Newfoundland-Stories-Handy-Harbour-Island-ebook"

    Once upon an Iceberg: Errol's Twillingate Adventure,the third book in the Errol the Mouse series by guild member Sheilah Roberts Lukins was recently released by Breakwater Books. Once upon an Iceberg: Errol's Twillingate Adventure"