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  • Amelia Hodder
  • Ann Galway
  • Since retiring from the education profession, Anne has pursued writing and visual art. She is a member of the Writer's Guild of Newfoundland and Labrador and the Writer's Alliance of Newfoundland and Labrador. Anne's visual art appears in local venues and churches, as well as in private collections across Canada.

    Writing Interests: The focus of Anne's artistic endeavours, is the landscape and culture of Newfoundland and Labrador. Memoir articles, poetry, and story telling, (orally and visually) are pursuits for Anne. Her well known painting, Balcony View, was used as the basis for the cover of her story collection, Stories from the Hole in the Ceiling.

  • Bobbie Brennan
  • Writing Interests: Poetry and short fiction.

  • Cathy Smallwood
  • Non-fiction, memoir, poetry.

  • Debbie Andrews
  • Diana Gustafson
  • I have loved writing and storytelling for as long as I can remember but I give credit to my Grade 5 teacher, Mrs. Black, for introducing me to the power of oral and written language. These days I write academic papers mostly about mothering and women's health in my capacity as an Associate Professor with the Faculty of Medicine at Memorial University. Being a member of the Guild gives me the opportunity to explore other ways of telling women's stories. A list of my publications is available at the following website: Faculty Publications

    Writing Interests: fiction, short stories, memoir, academic writing about women's health.

  • Doreen Ayre
  • Elizabeth Tobin
  • Elizabeth Tobin has been a member of the Newfoundland Writers' Guild since 2007, and has served on the Board from 2009-2011 and again in 2013-2014. Elizabeth began writing poetry while completing a Graduate Education Literacy Institute at Mount St. Vincent University in Halifax. She returned to poetry writing after her retirement and is currently putting together a collection of poems that came out of a journal she kept while her mother was hospitalized with a broken hip. Her membership in the Guild has given her the confidence to enroll in several writing Institutes (Tatamagouche, Banff and Piper's Frith-Kilmory Resort).

    Writing Interests: Non-fiction, memoir and poetry.

  • Ellen Reid
  • Enthusiastic,

    pens black ink flows like river,


    At the tip of the iceberg I, have contributed to: The Telegram,The Muse, Senior's Pride,TickleAce, Newfoudland Quarterly, Word (the WANL Newsletter.) I value my membership with Writer's Guild. This is a corner stone creative institution that has encouraged and supported countless local writers as they have fulfilled literary dreams.

    Writing Interests: Poetry, Blogging, Journal Writing, Dabbling and Doodling. My Blogspot is at: Myonesies

  • Hilda Chaulk Murray
  • Hilda Chaulk Murray is a folklorist and Writer. She has published three non-fiction books: More Than 50% (1979) republished 2010; Cows Don't Know It's Sunday (2002); and Of Boats on the Collar (2007.) She contributed a short story and two poems to the Guild's anthology: A Charm Against the Pain and has had a poem and an article published in the Newfoundland Quarterly. She is currently working on tracing the history and location of the farms on the landscape: a follow-up to Cows Don't Know It's Sunday. Most of my writing requires a great deal of research.

  • Jennifer Morgan
  • Jennifer Morgan is a freelance writer and visual artist, who was born in St. John's and, after traveling and working around North America, has returned to live in Newfoundland. Jennifer won the 2014 Heritage and History Award for Children and Young Adult writing with her comic book Almost Home: The Sinking of the S.S. Caribou (Breakwater Books, 2011). Jennifer has also published The House With Invisible Walls (Short Fiction) in The Cuffer Anthology III, Killick Press, 2010; "A Privilege of Birth," (Creative Non-Fiction) in A Charm Against the Pain, Flanker Press, 2006; "My Mother's Friends" (Creative Non-Fiction) in Life Sentences, Creative Printers and Publishers, 1992; "Inshallah," (Creative Non-Fiction) in EVENT Magazine, January 2014.

    Writing Interests: Fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels.

  • Joan Scott
  • Joan is a mother, retired teacher, and sadly, for only a little while, companion to Siggy. She writes to the "letters" sections of newspapers and list serves, and on request. When old, she will write a memoir. She rejoices in membership of both the Guild, and a constellation of other friends and acquaintances. Joan has published some poetry and non-fiction often related to energy and the environment.

    Writing Interests: Broad.

  • Joan MacIntosh

  • JoShawyer
  • Jo Shawyer is a geographer. In her academic career, living in different places, she has studied and written about many landscapes and historical events. Recently, Jo has been trying her hand at historical fiction. She enjoys creating fictional stories around a documented historical event. Twenty-dollar Reward is historical fiction for children based on a true incident of a baby left on a doorstep more than 100 years ago. It is published by Scholastic Canada for grades 4 to 6, children aged 9 to 12. Jo's latest publications include "Blackouts, Sing-alongs, and the price of eggs: Reading WWII's impact on St. John's," in Newfoundland Quarterly Fall 2012; Legend of the Paymasters Gold, Dundura Press, 2012.

    Writing Interests: Both non-fiction and fiction.

  • Judy Gibson
  • A Maritimer, and always a bookworm, I've been in Newfoundland for 36 years. I have two bachelor's degrees in English (from McGill and University of Waterloo) and started but didn't compete a MA at the latter university. I have had four books (authored or co-authored) published and have several others incomplete. I did research on two old novels at the British Library, identified the anonymous author and dream of republishing the work with my preface about the search. I live by Quidi Vidi lake with my husband; my children live in the US. My publications include: The Secret of Devil's Cleft (Jesperson Press, 1987) for ages 9-13, Themes for All Times (with Bonisteel, Clarke and King) Grade 12 thematic literature textbook (Jesperson 1989),The Storytellers' Collection (adlib press 1994). Judy also 'ghost wrote' Newfoundland Nurse, by Janet Penney Winsor (ESP press 1997.)

    Writing Interests: I love writing up my memories of the many places I've lived and people I've met and I love doing research on old books. For relaxation nothing beats a good mystery! Joined the NWG in the early 1980s, and two other brief periods. As a caregiver, my attendance at workshops is sporadic but I hope to get back to attending more often this year. I've met some wonderful writers who have been, or are, members of the NWG.

  • Katie Pittman
  • Kathleen Knowles
  • Kathleen Knowles is the author of A Rock And A Hard Place, a collection of personal essays, and editor of To Honour The Holiday , a compilation of Christmas reminiscences from the diaries of Canadian explorers. Two of her short stories and a set of haiku are included in A Charm Against the Pain, an anthology of writing by members of the Newfoundland Writers' Guild. On three occasions she has won awards in the Atlantic Writing Competition. Kathleen has served on the board of both the Guild and of the Writers' Alliance of Newfoundland and Labrador.

    Writing Interests: Fiction, creative non-fiction.

  • Laura Morry Williams
  • A member of the Guild since 1996, Laura was born in Ferryland and developed an interest in writing when a student of the Sacred Heart Convent School. Laura enjoys reading, writing, gardening and caring for her three cats. She has self-published three books, a collection of her poetry My Many Moons, a novel, Becoming Sarah, and her most recent book Over the Fence, Stories from Outport Newfoundland.

  • Lillian Bouzane
  • Lillian Bouzane is a poet, novelist and short story writer. She has won two international awards for her poetry, and her novel, In the Hands of the Living God, Turnstone, 1999, was long listed for the IMPACT award and nominated for the Booker by the British Publisher. Lillian's other publications include: Women and the Law in Newfoundland, Creative, 1973. Back to Back, MARM, 1981, Point Blank, Jesperson, 1987, and many poems and articles in Canadian and international magazines.
    Writing Interests: I have more books of poetry on my book shelves than any other kind of book. I buy books by NL writers more than any other. I am inclined to read back copies of TickleAce and such anthologies. I doubt if I would have been a published writer had I not joined the Guild in 1970.

  • Lily Bursey
  • Lily has been a member of the Newfoundland Writers' Guild for about 10 years. She has published a poem in Charm Against the Pain," the Guild's 4th Anthology (2006). Amy's Journal: A Young Girl's Struggle with TB, was published by Flanker Press in 2010.

    Writing Interests: Mainly non-fiction and some poetry.

  • Melba Rabinowitz
  • Retired. Worked professionally with community agencies providing services for at-risk children and their families, 40 years in St. John's and ten years prior in U.S. Co-Owner, Organic Farm. (When it comes to creative writing, I have a few things published in the early days. Some quite good! Remember - TV Topics. Several articles published in professional journals and newsletters, U.S., Canada and locally; a book chapter, several topic centered pamphlets and short books along with millions and millions of words generated for proposals, position papers re: services for children and families and sustainable agriculture and food security.

    Writing Interests: Short stories and poems based on Life. I have dozens of things from over the years, hiding in boxes in the basement, some with suggestions from early writing classes or workshops. First goal - to get them all in one place and into a computer file, to be warmed over, re-cooked or passed to an editor for a collection of past lives.

  • Michael Boyle
  • Mike Martin
  • Roberta Buchanan
  • Roberta Buchanan was born in South Africa, educated in England and emigrated to Canada in 1964. She taught English and Women's studies at Memorial University and is now Professor Emerita. Roberta's publications include: I Moved All My Women Upstairs (poetry), co-edited A Charm against the Pain - anthology of writing by Newfoundland Writers' Guild. with Georgina Queller and Geraldine Chafe Rubia, edited the Labrador 1905 Expedition diary of Mina Hubbard: Roberta Buchanan, Anne Hart, and Brian Greene, The Woman Who Mapped Labrador.

    Writing Interests: Roberta writes poetry and memoir.

  • Sandra Thomey
  • SheilahRoberts
  • Sheilah Roberts is a Newfoundlander and currently resides in St. Philips, Newfoundland and Labrador.

    Her first book, For Maids Who Brew and Bake , was short-listed for the Cuisine Canada's National Culinary Book Awards in 2004 and reprinted as a second edition in 2010. Sheilah published a book on historical weather in 2014 - Rain, Drizzle, and Fog. Her latest book is a children's early reader "Full Speed Ahead: Errol's Bell Island Adventure. She is presently working on another non-fiction book and a 2nd children's book.

  • Susan Sinnott
  • Theresa Ezeuko
  • Uchechi Theresa Ezeuko is a Canada based (St. John’s Newfoundland) creative writer and author of four lovely books, “Storytales For Little Minds 2015”, “Jasmine The Ladybird 2016”, Betty’s Desire 2016.” “Kachi The Handyman 2017”. Her passion for writing evolved at an early age and her creative writing skill is phenomenal. Theresa’s writings encompass a wide range of diverse events, findings, and ideas. Theresa is also a poet and a blogger, most of her writings can be found on her website at Her three published children’s books are read worldwide and used for educational purposes, silent reading and bed time stories. Her novel, a romance thriller titled “Betty’s Desire” has received very positive reviews from a wide range of audience. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in ARTS from a Nigerian university and went further to acquire a master’s degree in International marketing from a Scottish university UK. She is currently working on her next book titled “Kachi and the three bandits” while studying to complete her specialization program in Creative Writing from Wesleyan University USA. Theresa Uchechi Ezeuko is an active member of the writer’s alliance of Newfoundland and Labrador and also an active member of the writer’s guild of Newfoundland and Labrador Canada. You can reach Theresa at