Newfoundland Writers' Guild Newfoundland Writers' Guild


2020-21 monthly online workshops.

    January 17 - Online by Zoom 2pm to 4pm or as needed.

    February 21 - Online by Zoom 2pm to 4pm or as needed.

    March 21 - Online by Zoom 2pm to 4pm or as needed.

    April 18 - Online by Zoom 2pm to 4pm or as needed.

    May 16 - Online by Zoom 2pm to 4pm or as needed.

    June 20 - Online by Zoom 2pm to 4pm or as needed.

Workshops & Retreats

The Guild has regular monthly workshops on the third sunday of every month from 2pm to 5pm.

Regular Workshops

Newfoundland Writers' Guild Writers bring work they would like to have critiqued. It is helpful if extra copies are provided for participants. The designated chairperson will make a list of the material being presented, decide the order of pieces to be read and maintain a schedule in which a reasonable number of pieces can be critiqued. The writer reads their work, after which participants are asked to comment and make suggestions. Only after this process is the writer given the opportunity to respond to comments and/or ask for clarification. Should it be impossible to critique all manuscripts, those remaining will be placed on the top of a list for the next workshop.

Members are responsible for notifying the hosts of each workshop if they plan to attend. The hosts provide tea/coffee and cookies.

Designated Workshops

Twice each year, in November and May, designated workshops give members with longer work an opportunity to have their material critiqued. Usually, only two pieces are considered at a designated workshop.

Members who wish to submit material for a designated workshop should contact the workshop coordinator for instructions. You will need to provide ten hard copies, plus an electronic version to be distributed by e-mail. The maximum length of material is ten pages, double-spaced. Make sure your name and the date is on each copy of your material.

Alternatively, members may contact the communications coordinator to put out a call to the Guild, asking for volunteers to read and critique their work. Then you may forward an electronic copy to those who have volunteered.

Members participating in designated workshops are asked to do the following, prior to the workshop:
  • On the submitted draft, mark punctuation errors, spelling mistakes, syntax errors and questions marks – if something in the text is not understood – and ticks for praiseworthy details.

  • On another piece of paper, the reader should write the following:
      a. What the reader thinks the story or poem is about.
      b. What the reader feels are the strengths and weaknesses with the piece regarding point of view, characterization, narrative voice, flow, tone and so on.
      c. What the reader feels the author can do to resolve problems or to take the piece to another level.
  • The manuscript itself is not read at a designated workshop; rather, participants give their views on the piece. After participants have expressed their views it is the author’s turn to respond and have doubts and questions clarified. Both the marked-up copies and the reader’s comments are passed back to the author when the discussion is finished.


Newfoundland Writers' Guild Twice each year, in June and September, the Guild has a writing retreat at the White Sails Inn and Cabins in Eastport. Dates for these retreats will be announced well in advance. Members work on their own during the day and in the evenings there is a potluck meal (everyone brings a dish for the weekend) and a workshop at the Inn. There is space for several people in the main building (the Inn) and cabins can also be rented. Accommodations at the Inn are booked through the treasurer. Cabins should be booked by the individuals who wish to rent them – call Nancy, White Sails Inn (709) 677-3400.