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Photo Gallery 2009

Geraldine Flannigan, Bobbie Brennan and Gerri Rubia, all of NWG, looking sharp at an event in the INCO lobby.
Esther Brown and Hilda Chaulk Murray at that event in the INCO lobby
NWG Board Meeting 2009
Bobby Brennan and Elizabeth Tobin at the Awards Brunch '07.
December 2009 workshop
At the launch of Paul O'Neill's How Dog Became a Friend, in the Crypt of the Anglican Cathedral. Three pillars of the Guild! Georgina Queller, Helen Porter and Gerry Rubia.
A Reading at Mount Pearl. Hilda Murray reading Boats on the Collar, her examination through oral history, of earlier times. It is about all things Boat: Collecting the wood, models, carpentry, traps, and of course the peple involvd, in the Maberly, Elliston area.

A Reading in Mount Pearl. Jennifer Morgan also read here. left to right, is of Tina Chaulk, Jennifer Morgan and Trudy Morgan Cole.
A group adding to our enjoyment of the Guild party, Christmas 2009. From left to right they are, Donna Squires,a guest of Melba Rabinowitz, Sheilah Roberts and Melba.

Scene from Wordfest
The Shore Girls Writing Group
Scenes from Eastport

Cathy Daley reading at a recent WANL event. Cathy took part in the mentorship program.